Magia Magic Experience to open in a private penthouse in Vegas

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When it comes to magic in Las Vegas, nothing says spectacular more than a large stage, large props, lots of dancers, smoke, lights, lasers, and a few tigers. Magician David Gatti has been performing around the world for more than 20 years, showcasing his grand illusions in theaters and television appearances each year.  There’s no doubt he’s mastered the art of grand illusion.

But, it’s his newest project that is magically redefining the term ‘grand’ and replacing it with ‘intimate.’ Set in an exclusive penthouse in Las Vegas, the show doesn’t have an audience, but rather “special guests.” The Italian-born magician wanted to find a way to connect more closely with his spectators. His concept is to bring them closer to him, surrounded by other guests, in a small, intimate venue. The physical proximity to the performer allows guests to have a more personal relationship with the magic—and the magician.

“I’m trilled to be in Las Vegas doing what I love. People coming to Vegas expect high class entertainment, and I will try my best to fulfill those expectations, delivering an experience they will not forget,” says Gatti.

We reached out to David Gatti to understand his strategy behind creating this unique new show and how he planned to market the show to Vegas audiences.

Magia Magic Experience David GattiVegas Report: Have you done this type of intimate show in another city or is this the first of its kind?

David Gatti: I am a former stage illusionist. I worked around the world for the past 15 years with a theatrical show. I had big props (including cars and even an airplane appearance) and I performed with a cast of dancers. I think my background and experience with stage illusions helps me with this new adventure. I still like to incorporate music in my performance, and I want to create a full-immersion experience, which starts from the moment my guests will enter the room and hopefully will not end when they leave.

Vegas Report: How long is this contract with the hotel? How many shows scheduled?

David Gatti: I don’t have a direct contract with the Hotel—at the moment I’m starting with five Saturdays at Trump Hotel. This is a brand new
concept and we are still developing and experimenting.

Vegas Report: How did you end up finding/choosing the Trump Hotel for this show?

David Gatti: We visited all the penthouses in Las Vegas and we found that the Trump Hotel is the one that most satisfied our needs. The view is phenomenal, being at the end of the strip, you have the entire view of Vegas in front of you.

Vegas Report: Do you think the controversy surrounding Donald Trump’s presidential campaign will have any impact on your marketing or ticket sales?

David Gatti: I picked the Trump Hotel based strictly on the sizes, services and views of the Penthouse. Not for political reasons.

Vegas Report: You said 40 people maximum per show correct?

David Gatti: Yes, that’s correct. I wanted to keep a small audience so I can interact with everybody. The audience is not just “my audience,” they are my special guests. The idea is to have everyone involved in the show, to really see the magic with their own eyes—touch it, feel it.

Magia Magic Experience David Gatti

After performing large-scale illusions for years, David Gatti brings “intimate” Magia Magic Experience to Las Vegas.

Vegas Report: How long does this show run?

David Gatti: We encourage our guests to come up 30 minutes before show time to enjoy our private art exhibition, the amazing view and the atmosphere. The performance is 70 minutes long. The entire event lasts 100/110 minutes, more or less. Cocktails and drinks are not yet available but it is something we are definitely working on. Guests can have a personal chat with me after the show as I will be available for a meet and greet.

Vegas Report: How did you come up with this unique show concept?

David Gatti: I wanted to give my audience not just a magic trick, but a whole experience, elegant, intimate—for adults only. This is the kind of show I would like to witness if I was a spectator. I’m not a big fan of crowed places and I don’t like the idea of different treatments. In my show there are no economy seats—it’s all “first class,” for everybody. Every seat is a great seat and all my guests are VIPs. I think the new trend with magic is to bring the artist very close to his audience, rather than alone and far away on a stage. You can see that even with magic on TV, with Dynamo, David Blaine or even Cyril Takayama in Asia.

Vegas Report: Why should someone choose Magia over another magic show in Las Vegas?

David Gatti: Well, I think it’s quite a unique show, for the reasons I explained. I believe magic is mostly about creating a “special connection,” and an intimate show such as mine can create a genuine and strong rapport between me and the audience. They have a direct contact with me and I have a direct contact with them, creating a special bond. Magia presents sleight of hand, but also mind reading, a bit of comedy, and there also is a sequence on gambling, which I am sure will be very interesting for people visiting Las Vegas.

Magia – Your First-Class live experience of the amazing world of modern Magic. from davidgatti on Vimeo.