Booked as “An Afternoon of Love, Laughter and Music!,” this variety show brings in talented acts from spoken word to music and shadow mastery.  Amanda Morgan, Graduate student and Events Director created the monthly feature in keeping with the museum known to promote sexuality through the arts.

“The EHM is part of the community and we are opening it up for people to come and express their talents,” Morgan says.

The museum is striving on being a hub of artistic creativity in Las Vegas, NV. The curator, Dr. Laura Henkel is proud to showcase local talent.  “The EHM is proud to offer Las Vegas talent a home for original expression, ” says Henkel. “We offer a space for freedom of expression which allows performers to push the envelope on their own artistic power.”

January’s featured performers included Amanda Morgan- MC & Original Local Musician, Rudy Urseti- Shadow Master, Jessica Morgan-Original Local Musician, Joe Lawless- Original Local Musician, Dynamite Blaze-Local Spoken Word Artist, Andy a.k.a “SIX PAK” – Local Performance Artist, Kevin Kennedy-  Original Local Musician and more.

The variety show plays every third Saturday of the month at the EROTIC HERITAGE MUSEUM located at 3275 Industrial Rd, Las Vegas, NV, 89109.