Showroom and Theater Entrances in Vegas – A Photo Gallery

Las Vegas is home to many different types of entertainers – from magicians to jugglers, showgirls to hip-hop dancers, comedians to GRAMMY-winning music superstars. Up and down the Las Vegas Strip, performers go to work every night taking center stage and showcasing their talent to fans from across the globe. Although performers usually enter the venue from a stage door discretely tucked away from fan access, guests get the VIP treatment at the main entrance.

Showroom and Theater entrance for Jabbawockeez

Jabbawockeez theater/showroom entrance at Luxor Las Vegas Resort.


For the fan, the first impression they have with the show and/or performer is the entrance to the venue. In Vegas, that runs the gamut – from the spectacular to the underwhelming. Vegas Report walked the famous Las Vegas Strip to see first-hand theaters in hotels and resorts (from Mandalay Bay on the South end, to Wynn near the North.) and several just off-Strip. Excluding lounges, arenas, and non-resident showrooms, we found a wide range of showroom and theater entrances – some exciting and some no-so-enticing.


These photos were taken with an iPhone 5s to give you a first-hand glimpse at the showroom entrance. They are not PR or staged marketing shots, but rather a raw look at the theater entrance as a consumer might shoot on their visit to Las Vegas.

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showroom and theater gallery

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