Show Creators Studios @ShowCreatorsInc Announces New Internet Radio & Television Platform

Small business owners and content producers in Las Vegas now have a unique opportunity to create their story in a professional studio environment. Show Creators Studios is a Las Vegas-based company founded by Ian Herrington and Amanda Deacon.

The 5,000 sq ft building serves as a creative incubator for a wide array of talent in all areas of entertainment. From recording studio, photographic studios, and 1,100sq ft theatrical rehearsal space. Show Creators Studios hosts some of the biggest names in the industry, as well as young talent just starting out on their journey into the arts and digital entertainment world.

Show Creators Studios

A recording setup at Show Creators Studios

Show Creators Studios exists to empower a new generation of digital content creators that want to be seen and heard on a global scale. They provide an end to end solution to online radio and television shows where all producers and hosts only have to be concerned about is their show and its content.

Show Creators radio and television studios are designed to be a comfortable and creative space that houses some of the latest technology to raise the bar for online production. But it doesn’t simply end at production. They are committed to supporting the development and growth of their shows, through exclusive seminars, one on one support, as well as attracting potential advertisers and sponsors for all the shows on their roster.


Show Creators Studios is an entertainment production company with an emphasis on developing out of the box concepts and online content for today’s perpetually ‘connected’ audiences. Their diverse portfolio of services includes production and support for theatrical, film and event applications, as well as recording, photographic, theatrical, internet radio and television studios. For more information about the studio and its services, be sure to check out their website at