New costumes, music, and choreography debut at water spectacle Le Rêve @WynnLasVegas

Le Rêve Upgrades

If 172 high-powered fountains, 90 athletes and entertainers, 16 fire-shooting devices, 1.1 million gallon pool, and a 47-foot-tall Rain Curtain™ that descends from the ceiling to the stage hasn’t convinced you to buy a ticket to Le Rêve – The Dream at Wynn Las Vegas, here are more reasons that should.

Le Rêve – The Dream is now reimagined with all-new costumes, music and choreography.

The production features an all-new score of 13 original songs composed by music director Benoit Jutras with lyrics by Maribeth Derry that catapult the audience into a surreal world. With direction by Philip Wm. McKinley, the reimagined production showcases new choreography by Marguerite Derricks, new wardrobe designs created by costume designer Suzy Benzinger, and the addition of new lighting concepts designed by Jules Fisher and Peggy Eisenhauer.

About Le Rêve

Le Rêve – The Dream brings to life the journey of the show’s heroine, “The Dreamer,” who struggles between the temptation of dark desire and idyllic love. Throughout the show, “The Dreamer” experiences various vignettes in a surreal world which lead her to choose between two lovers, “True Love” and “Dark Passion,” who compete for her affection.

The production features cutting-edge technologies, including an innovative multi-million dollar fountain system showcased in the penultimate act “Dénouement” that incorporates 172 high-powered fountains, 16 fire-shooting devices and projection elements. Additionally, the production features 12 eight-feet-wide Fire Bells™ covered by umbrella-like waterfalls and a 47-foot-tall Rain Curtain™ that descends from the ceiling to the stage, incorporating moving images projected on the 360-degree wall of water.

The international cast of more than 90 athletes and entertainers captures the imagination with their strength and agility. Throughout the show, comedy and dance interweave with athleticism for an awe-inspiring experience. From a thrilling 80 foot high-dive to synchronized swimmers performing the tango in red high heels inside of the 1.1 million gallon pool, Le Rêve – The Dream is mesmerizing from beginning to end.


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