16 Things You Didn’t Know About Us: Fun Facts to Celebrate @VegasAuditions Sweet 16th Birthday!

VegasAuditions.com feature image
Thank you for placing your trust in VegasAuditions.com for 16 years. We’re celebrating 16 years by revealing some fun facts about the business and its members. Did you know…
  1. The original office was located behind The Orleans Hotel on Wynn Road.
  2. The first member signed up on June 2, 2002.
  3. During its first year, the company sent members a physical membership card.
  4. The original tagline was “No Gossip. Just Auditions.” which is still a guiding principle at the company today.
  5. In 16 years, more than 790 unique producers cast through VegasAuditions.com.
  6. In 2005, we considered New York City and Florida as expansion cities, but decided instead to stay focused on Las Vegas.
  7. Members are most active on the website between 11am – 2pm and midnight – 1am.
  8. VegasAuditions.com started operations with a $3,000 capital investment.
  9. In 2007, VegasAuditions.com was managed for four months from a remote office in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.
  10. 58% of members are female, 42% are male.
  11. 83% of our members live in Las Vegas.
  12. The member living the furthest from Las Vegas was from Istanbul, Turkey.
  13. The average length of membership is 5 years.
  14. 65% of members view the website through mobile devices.
  15. We are the 8th largest trade organization in Las Vegas, ranked by number of active members.
  16. Both owners were born on November 27.
Thanks once again for your business! We look forward to the next 16 years together.