The Hilarious 7 Expands to 4 Shows a Week @HootersCasinoLV & @TomGarlandLV joins Comics Battle @alexispark @AdmitVip

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Admit.VIP, the operator of the Night Owl Showroom at Hooters Casino Hotel and the Pegasus Showroom at Alexis Park Resort Hotel, is proud to announce The Hilarious 7 is expanding to four performances a week and Comics Battle is excited to welcome Tom Garland as new co-producer and host.

The Hilarious 7, opened in July 2018 and originally intended as a seasonal replacement and filler, the show quickly gained notoriety and a strong following with audiences.  The format of the show is truly designed. 7 Comics in 70 minutes — that’s The Hilarious 7. It’s a 70-minute comedy showcase that is 100% punchlines as each of the seven comics has time for only their best jokes.

Veteran Las Vegas comic, John Hilder, hosts the Hilarious 7. Hilder was born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT, but left Utah for the neon pastures of Las Vegas to pursue his comedy.

“Hilder has truly honed his skills over the past few years”, said Pete Housley CEO of Admit.VIP. “Not just as a comic, but his overall presence and acumen as both an onstage performer as well as off stage with booking and managing performers. We’re so excited that audiences love The Hilarious 7 as much as we do.”

Taking over the reigns of The Comic Battle starting March 1, 2019, is comedian and television personality Tom Garland.  Weird and wild enough to have first caught the eyes of MTV icons Steve-O and Tom Green, he hit the national comedy scene in 2013, opening up for the duo’s Las Vegas Strip residency shows at the legendary Starlite Theater at The Rivera. His past Vegas credits include “Original Pranksters” (Rivera, 2013), “The Tom Green Show” (Bally’s, 2017-2018), and “Cons of Comedy” (Hooters, 2018).

Tom Garland
Comedian and Host Tom Garland

Beginning March 5, 2019, The Hilarious 7 hosted by John Hilder will run Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 9 pm at the Night Owl Showroom inside Hooters Casino Hotel.

Comics Battle starring Tom Garland runs Friday and Saturday nights at 9 pm at Alexis Park Resort Hotel.

About Admit.VIP

Admit.VIP is a full-service management company for theater venue operation including box office management and systems, audio/visual management and systems, production management, stage management as well as consulting. The team is an assemblage of professionals with real-world experience working in the theater, nightclub and entertainment industry in Las Vegas. In addition to operating the Night Owl Showroom at Hooters Casino Hotel and the Pegasus Showroom at Alexis Park Resort Hotel; Admit.VIP currently produces Gordie Brown, Master Impersonator, The Hilarious 7 and The Comics Battle and co-produces Motown Extreme Revue.