Entertainment Highlights from LVCVA 2018 Visitor Profile Study show Lounge & Comedy Up, Headliners & Production Shows Down

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority released its 2018 annual Visitor Profile Study. Of note is the analysis of data regarding entertainment behavior by visitors to the destination.  Below are the direct excerpts regarding entertainment in Las Vegas that can help you in planning future entertainment opportunities in town.


Similar to last year, nearly six in ten (58%) visitors in 2018 attended shows during their current stay. Nearly six in ten of all visitors who saw shows saw a lounge act (up from 2016 and 2017), while fewer visitors saw a Broadway/production show or a big-name headliner show. The 2018 Las Vegas visitor was less likely than last year to go to a bar without a cover charge, either those in hotels or free-standing. They were also less likely than 2016 or 2017 visitors to visit nightclubs with or without cover charges, pool parties or day clubs, or other paid attractions in Las Vegas. These findings are correlated with the increased number of repeat visitors as well as the increase in visitors lodging with friends and relatives, away from hotel bars, lounges, nightclubs, and day clubs.

Fifty-eight percent (58%) of visitors attended shows during their stay, about the same as last year (59%).

*Only “yes” responses are reported in this chart.

In 2018, 58% of visitors who saw a show in Las Vegas went to a lounge act, up from the past two years. Twenty-four percent (24%) of these visitors went to a production or Broadway-type show, and 20% saw a headliner (includes headliners in residence. Sixteen percent (16%) of visitors saw a comedy show (up from last year), 5% saw a magic show, 5% saw an impersonator/tribute show, and 9% saw a celebrity DJ (down from last year).

*Celebrity DJ category added in 2016. Sporting Events category added in 2017.

Visitors who saw shows were asked how many shows of each type they saw. The average number of shows attended was highest for visitors who saw comedy revues (1.5) and lounge acts (1.4). Visitors saw an average of 1.2 production and Broadway-type shows (up from last year), 1.3 celebrity DJ shows (up from last year), 1.1 headliners, 1.1 impersonators/tribute shows, 1.0 magic shows, and 1.3 sporting events.

*Celebrity DJ category added in 2016. Sporting Events category added in 2017.

Visitors who did not attend any shows while in Las Vegas were asked why. Thirty-nine percent (39%) of these visitors said it was because they were either too busy or they were not interested in shows. Another 4% of these visitors said the shows were too expensive, 4% said they were visiting with children, 6% said they came to Las Vegas only to gamble, and 5% said they had already seen all the shows (up since 2014).

*This question is asked every other year and was not asked in 2015 or 2017.

View the complete LVCVA Visitor Profile Study online.